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Nov. 24th, 2005 | 03:45 pm

LJ land is dead during the daytime. Damn you people with your jobs and education etc.

Yeah so today I had the academic review day thingy. I went into school this morning, and by 9.45 I was back home. It was the most pointless thing ever. We have like 2 of them a year or something...all I did was COPY three targets from one sheet to another. Useful, much? Hmm no. But anyway, day off so yay.

I haven't done a lot since I came home, just lazed about, watched a DVD. Yes, a DVD. Big achievement for moi, as I very rarely watch movies..especially the entire way through (:p). I was hoping to go into town with my mum but we haven't. The weather is too crappy.

I have a couple of psychology essays plans to write :/


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